The webOS TV SDK provides developers with tools for webOS TV web app development and an emulator for testing their apps on webOS.

webOS TV 3.0 was released in January 2016. For the supported webOS TV version, see Supported webOS TV version for each SDK. Some key features of webOS TV SDK v3.0.0 that you shouldn't miss are listed below:

Allows installing all three webOS TV emulators v1.2.0, v2.0.0, and v3.0.0 with network installer.
Supports Enyo 2.6 and provides Enyo 2.6 templates. IDE provides content assist for Enyo 2.6.
Creates webOS Service project in IDE.
Allows testing your app on actual devices with CLI or IDE directly. See App Testing.
Allows installing any of your selected SDK and emulator versions with network installer.

For detailed features of webOS TV SDK, see Release Notes.

Please visit the official LG developer site at http://developer.lge.com/webOSTV/sdk/web-sdk/ 

To install the webOS TV SDK, follow the instructions provided on this page: http://developer.lge.com/webOSTV/sdk/web-sdk/sdk-installation/ 

Before starting installation, read the following notes:

  • [JDK] If JDK 1.7.0_45 or later is not installed on your computer, the installer will inform you that it requires Java to run. If you click OK, the installer will open Java download page in a browser window. Install the Java and restart the installer. 
  • [VirtualBox] If Oracle VirtualBox is not installed on your computer, the installer will prompt you to install it before starting the SDK installation. If you click Yes, the installer automatically installs VirtualBox 4.2.16. Once VirtualBox is installed, proceed with the SDK installation. If you click No, the installer proceeds to install the SDK components, except for the emulator. 
  • [VirtualBox] If VirtualBox is not installed on your computer and you select the component ‘Emulator v1.2.0’ in installer, without selecting ‘Emulator v2.0.0’, the installer does not ask for installing VirtualBox and an error occurs. In this case, you need to install VirtualBox first.
  • The installer will not work if OpenJDK is installed on your computer.  
  • On Windows, the installer must run with "Run as administrator.